Product Care

Avoid storing your piece of jewellery next to a strong heat source or in direct sunlight . his may cause fading over time.It is recommended not to wear the items in the  sea.

Once in a while soft cloth can be used to buff the piece and bring out its original shine, and to keep the piece in best possible condition. For the wood part of the pendant once in 3 months apply edible oil with soft cloth. The surface is liable to scratch in cases of extreme misuse.

For care of  sterling silver chains:
Warm water and a soft cloth are the best materials you can use to maintain the beauty of your jewellery. For a deeper, occasional cleaning, a drop of soap will return its lustre. Many chemicals marketed for cleaning jewellery are actually somewhat abrasive and corrosive and can cause damage or colour alteration to your jewellery. When you have finished cleaning make sure that you have dried you items properly using a clean and dry soft cloth. Salt water and chlorine in swimming pools take their toll on all fine jewellery.